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Blitz Dual Turbo Timer

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HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer


The Importance of a Turbo Timer

Added On: 20th Jan 2006

What is a Turbo Timer?

A Turbo Timer is an electronic device that allows your car to keep running at idle by itself after the ignition has been turned off with the key. It does this for a preset amount of time before shutting the engine off.

Why Use a Turbo Timer?

Turbocharger shafts can spin at incredible rates which obviously generate a lot of heat. In order to control this heat the turbo is cooled by circulating oil around the shaft. After driving your car, and especially after hard driving, it is recommended that your car be idled for a period of time to allow the oil to take the heat out of the turbocharger.

It is important to do this in order to prevent premature turbo wear and failure. Failing to reduce the temperature of the turbo could result in the oil around the shaft "coking". Coking occurs when a turbocharger is not properly cooled down, and the oil that normally lubricates the center cartridge heats up and forms solidified oil deposits. This can potentially plug your oil lines and cause oil "starvation". This coking effect is probably the number one cause of turbo failure.

The instalation of a turbo timer therefore is a resoably cost effective way to extending the life of your turbocharger. Here is a list of some Turbo Timers XSpeed sells and recommends...

  • HKS Type 0 Turbo Timer
  • HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer (more functions)
  • Greddy Full Auto Timer
  • Apexi Pen Turbo Timer
  • Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
  • Blitz Full Auto Timer

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